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Free Tutorial – A blankless cuff!

September 7, 2011

OK, so I am not mad…. Well maybe a little! 😉 I love making cuffs and have various favourites for each summer outfit. This is one of my all time favourites…

Sun, Sea and Sand Cuff

But sometimes you need a little less stiffness or maybe you have just run out of blanks!

Here is my solution….

Felt backed cuff tutorial

(Starring Helen’s of LalaLampwork’s  gorgeous lampwork buttons…)

Step 1
Take the piece of beadwork that is going to cover the cuff. Mine was a nice strip of herringbone but peyote works great too. Measure the piece and cut a piece of card (you could also use a plastic milk carton for this inner piece but I use cardboard) that is slightly smaller than the beadwork, 5mm smaller all the way around will be enough.

Step 2
Take your chosen felt and 2 identical rectangles that are slightly larger than your beadwork. It is much better if they are too big than too small so leave yourself a couple of centimetres if you are worried.

Step 3
Sandwich your card between your two pieces of felt evenly and glue using a strong glue (I used the glue of death- E6000 but please be careful with it and use in well ventilated areas or outside)

Step 4
I wrapped around a tumbler to get a good shape and then secured with that trusty beading tool, a hair bobble! Technical hey?

Step 5
When the glue is dry… (Be patient!) Measure your beadwork against the felt and trim so that the felt and beads match up. Make sure you allow for curvature and this is when your glass comes in handy!

Step 6
Whipstitch the edges together passing through the edge row of beadwork and both sections of felt. You could also incorporate a brick stitch edge if you wanted but I wanted a smooth edge to the beadwork.

Step 7
When you have attached the felt to the beadwork all the way around (I like to do both ends first and then the sides to avoid any ‘gapping’ you can add your closure to the edges. (a lovely lampwork button or bead is always as good option! 😉

And voila! You are done!

I hope you like it, I have found it very useful (and cheaper) to use felt for some of the items that I want a ‘chunkier’ look for.

 Until next time…..


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