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Although I have made jewellery for many years, I have been drawn to beadwork and the versatility of the tiny seed bead in creating fabulous pieces of jewellery and sculpture.

I am a self confessed people pleaser and nothing makes me happier than knowing that one of my custom designs is special to a person and truly reflects a little piece of them. I offer kits for a few of my most popular pieces to inspire the beginner or push the seasoned beader to another level.

Many people have requested that I teach workshops to enable guided tutoring of my pieces and this is an area that I am really excited to be expanding in. I love more than anything to ‘talk beads’ and am looking forward to pooling creativity in a group environment.

My inspiration comes from the living world around me and in the complex colours and textures that can be replicated with beads. I love to look at how the fashion industry leads the way for trends in accessories and how this influences the textures, shades and depths of dimension in different items.

As a designer, I appreciate my customers support and trust immensely. It is my customers and the great friends that beading brings that keep me going, and helps me to improve.

I hope through my work, I bring some of the happiness to my customers that I feel in creating it!


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